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Day One - Tuesday, 28 May 2024


Chairperson’s Opening Address

Tam Nguyen Speaker Picture.jpeg

Associate Professor Tam Nguyen, Deputy Director of Research, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne



Government Keynote: Navigating the current policy space to pivot your organisation in the right direction for transformation

  • Establishing strong data governance foundations to thrive within a changing policy space

  • Weaving compliance, security, regulatory and ethical considerations into the DNA of your digital strategy


Ideagen Session

Tim Kelly Speaker Picture.jpg

Tim Kelly, VP Product & Head of Compliance Content Services, Ideagen


Panel: Unpacking the ethical conundrum of technology usage - how far is too far?

  • Establishing where and how to draw the line on what can be done

  • Balancing potential without endangering users I.e. camera usage, facial recognition etc...

Fiona Caldwell Speaker Picture.jpeg

Fiona Caldwell, Chief Information Officer, Estia Health

Jeannie Paterson Speaker Picture.jpg

Professor Jeannie Paterson, Co-Director, Centre of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Ethics, University of Melbourne

Stacy Carter Speaker Picture.jpg

Professor Stacy Carter, Empirical ethics in health director, ACHEEV, University of Wollongong

Nathan Betteridge Speaker Picture.jpg

Nathan Betteridge, Co-Founder & Director, Five Good Friends


Networking Bingo


Morning Tea



Exploring the incredibly ordinary application of AI to benefit your organisation exponentially

  • Observing mundane uses of AI which have increased efficiency and capability in areas such as rostering, appointments, updates etc...

  • Scoping out other unexpected areas for potential application of the technology


Daniel Pettman, Chief Digital Information Officer, BaptistCare NSW & ACT


Asset 1wstm past partners1.png

KPMG Session 

Representative, Community Care Consultant, KPMG


Harnessing the power of business intelligence to solve practical problems in aged care

  • Addressing current and future challenges through BI in an aged care setting

  • Translating the information gathered to leverage actionable insights

Paul Basso Speaker Picture.jpg

Paul Basso, Head, Data and Business Intelligence Corporate Services, Uniting Age Well  


Alexander Wong Speaker Picture.jpg

StrongRoom AI Lightning Address

Alexander Wong, Head of National Clinical Systems (Aged Care), StrongRoom AI


Networking Lunch



Ben Woolley Speaker Picture.jpg

Redmap Session

Ben Woolley, CEO, Redmap


Roundtable Sessions

Roundtable 1: Transforming quality, risk and compliance with cutting edge software solutions

Roundtable 2: Alleviating the headache of rostering and scheduling to maximise efficiencies


Roundtable 3: Constructing the secure infrastructure required to mitigate and contain inevitable intrusions

Roundtable 4: Discussing what data analysis can unlock for your organisation


Afternoon Tea



Case study: Charting an example of innovation being utilised to overcome resource limitations  

  • Identifying and enacting the area in which this can be achieved

  • Incorporating effective co-design to ensure successful implementation 

Nathan Betteridge Speaker Picture.jpg

Nathan Betteridge, Co-Founder & Director, Five Good Friends


Unpacking the strategy of approaching and implementing innovation

  • Creating the right environment to foster innovation

  • Sharing the key learnings from attempts to be innovative

Catherine Daley Speaker Picture.png

Catherine Daley, Chief Executive Officer, IntegratedLiving


Tam Nguyen Speaker Picture.jpeg

Chairperson’s Closing Address and Networking Drinks

Associate Professor Tam Nguyen, Deputy Director of Research, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

Day 2

Day Two - Wednesday, 29 May 2024


Chairperson’s Opening Address



Articulating the value of investment in AI to CEOs, boards and other executive leaders

  • Constructing the persuasive argument to effectively communicate the value and nature of investment

  • Preparing teams for the uptake of AI by having the underpinning structures to enable scaling and reskilling

Jeremiah Mannings Speaker Picture.jpeg

Jeremiah Mannings, Chief Data Officer, Uniting 


The evolving role of risk management in cybersecurity

  • Understanding what tools are available (and you might already be using) to help kickstart your Cyber Security roadmap

  • Integrating cyber security practices and responses effectively into your risk management strategies/practice

Joshua Baker Speaker Picture.jpg

Joshua Baker, Senior Project Manager, Management Governance Australia and Workforce Plus


Morning Tea



Going beyond dashboards and exploring how to prepare for a future where they’re obsolete

  • Discussing how data will be and can be utilised to enable actionable insights and value creation

  • Driving efficacy in action to execution, the development of learning mechanisms and effective processes

Neha Jain Speaker Picture.jpg

Neha Jain, Head of Data Analytics, Estia Health 


Panel: Utilising innovation to enhance both backroom operation and connection with the clinicians on the frontline

  • Entwining systems across your organisation to enable usage by multiple teams

  • Aligning strategy to enable control and agency from a single source

Chris Balogi Speaker Picture.jpg

Chris Balogi, Executive – ICT, Southern Cross Care (SA, NT & VIC)

Annette Hili Speaker Picture.jpg

Annette Hili, General Manager ANZ, AlayaCare

Julie Reeves Speaker Picture.jpeg

Julie Reeves, Strategic Lead-Aged Care, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Foundation


Networking Lunch


Finding a balance between regulatory obligations and developing internal capacity with a constricted budget

  • Exploring the role metrics can play in developing quality data and achieving better data maturity to build a stronger business case

  • Using such information to strike a balance between regulatory requirements and development opportunities

Benevolent Society Logo.jpeg

Marcello Sequeira, Head of Information Architecture and Governance, The Benevolent Society


Empowering decision making through the utilisation of business intelligence

  • Fueling technological advancements through the usage of BI

  • Anticipating the upcoming trends to pivot your organisation in the right direction

David Silvestre Speaker Picture.jpeg

David Silvestre, Director, Data & Digital, Bupa Villages and Aged Care


Afternoon Tea


Empowering the aged care workforce by building IT capabilities

  • Encouraging strategic thinking and innovation in workforce development

Chris Balogi Speaker Picture.jpg

Chris Balogi, Executive – ICT, Southern Cross Care (SA, NT & VIC)


Around the World

This session is both an interactive mini-workshop and chance for the delegates to reflect on what they have learned at the Forum.


Chairperson’s Closing Address and End of Forum

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