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The KPMG Community Care cloud-based solution covers healthcare providers across a broad range of services including disability, aged care, and allied health.

Our plan-to-pay software covers the operational processes for customer management, workforce management, service delivery and claims, billing, reporting and elements of financial management. Community Care is a fully managed, off-the-shelf solution with business processes, funding rules and regulatory compliances in-built, with a mobile app for field staff.

Built on Microsoft D365, our solution enables organisations to attract a greater share of clients while optimising their frontline efficiency – promoting a happier and more enjoyable work experience.
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Datacom is Australasia's largest home-grown tech company. With a breadth of offerings and depth of expertise, there's no safer pair of hands to help you navigate the future of your business.

Drawing on the experience of over 6,500 staff in 24 locations around the globe, we work with a full range of clients, from small start-ups through to government agencies and multinational corporations, to explore and extract the hidden value in their systems.

We design, build and run IT systems and processes across operations, cybersecurity, cloud, digital platforms, payroll and enterprise applications. We deliver customer care services and operate mission-critical infrastructure with best-in-class data centre facilities.

We bring together over half a century of know-how, the right technology, leading partners and the knowledge and creativity of our people, to enhance our customers’ businesses and deliver sustainable solutions to their greatest challenges.

Transforming NDIS Payments

Founded in 2016 by a group of NDIS data engineers, quickclaim has been on an incredible journey to transform NDIS Data Analytics for large-scale service providers. Starting with a focus on NDIS Data Analytics, the company went on to create an NDIS Payment Gateway to enhance the cash flow processes of disability providers. In June 2021, quickclaim achieved a significant milestone by becoming an NDIS Digital Partner as a Software Aggregator, playing a pivotal role in facilitating the rollout of NDIS APIs in the disability sector. Today, quickclaim serves 20 out of the top 50 NDIS service providers, helping them to recover tens of millions of dollars worth of missed payments by dramatically improving the claims management process and giving providers greater insights into their financial operations.

Efficiency Redefined

Quickclaim's end-to-end payment solution is designed to simplify the payment claiming and reconciliation process for disability service providers dealing with the NDIS. The quickclaim platform is a game-changer for healthcare providers, enabling them to concentrate on delivering exceptional services while streamlining the NDIS claiming process. This is achieved through seamless integration with CRM, PRODA and finance systems, eliminating the need for laborious spreadsheet management. quickclaim also takes care of payment reconciliation, automatically syncing with finance systems, employing an intelligent error management system to ensure no claims are missed. As the digital landscape evolves, quickclaim is at the forefront, offering digital invoicing and API readiness for the new PACE system. Discover the quickclaim advantage at and optimise your disability service operations for efficiency and success.

Since our inception in 2003, Adamas Corporate Solutions has been at the forefront of revolutionising the Australian aged care and disability sector with the TRACCS client management system. In the dynamic landscape where change is the only constant, Adamas is your steadfast partner. As the industry undergoes a significant overhaul from 2022 to 2026, our commitment to providing TRACCS with compliant solutions remains unwavering.

With over 150 active multiuser sites spanning all states of Australia, ranging in size from 2 to hundreds of users, Adamas has established itself as a leader in client management systems tailored specifically for the aged care and NDIS sector. Our solutions are not just products; they result from continuous feedback from the industry and our valued clients.

At Adamas, we walk hand in hand with our clients, understanding their unique needs and challenges. Whether rostering, plan management, e-timesheets, mobile application, travel and award management, payroll, or billing, we've got you covered. Let us help you deliver the best service to your clients while staying ahead of regulatory requirements. Talk to us today and experience the TRACCS difference in aged care & NDIS digital transformation.

Ideagen CompliSpace helps residential aged care and home care providers of all sizes in Australia to meet their governance, risk, compliance, and policy management obligations.

We support our aged care clients with a scalable solution across policies, staff training, risk and compliance tools, and reporting mapped to the Aged Care Quality Standards, created to meet the unique requirements of each facility or home. We help to simplify the ever-changing compliance and regulatory landscape so you can focus on what you do best – providing the highest quality care for those in your care.

Our award-winning framework delivers Policy, Learning, Assurance and Reporting that work together to transform legal obligations into a compliance culture that your workforce will embrace.

Learn more about how we can help your facility or homes achieve continuous compliance by visiting website

50% of Aged Care providers say their invoices go through three or more sets of hands to be processed. This excess administrative time is slowing down funding claims and causing stress for overworked Aged Care team members. By leveraging technology solutions like Redmap’s Accounts Payable Automation, which is fully integrated with AlayaCare, providers reduce time-consuming administration and spend more time caring for clients.

The leader in enterprise automation, Workato helps organizations work faster and smarter without compromising security and governance. Built for Business and IT users, Workato is trusted by over 17,000 of the world's top brands, including Broadcom, Intuit, and Box. Headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., Workato is backed by Altimeter Capital, Battery Ventures, Insight Venture Partners, Tiger Global, and Redpoint Ventures.

As a leading technology provider for the aged and disability sectors, AlayaCare is revolutionising the way care is delivered to those in need. Through aligning with world-class technology and tapping into the power of AI-based software, AlayaCare is transforming the future of healthcare.

Our dedicated local team of nurses and technical experts deliver unwavering support and expertise to help care providers optimise their operations, streamline processes, improve workflows and eliminate manual data entry – so that they can focus on delivering exceptional, person-centred care.

With AlayaCare's end-to-end cloud-based software, achieving better outcomes is effortless.  We are committed to driving innovation, investing $50 million annually in research, development and AI-driven solutions, to continually advance technology within the care community Our user-friendly platform is especially tailored to aged and disability providers, enabling:

  • Continuity of care, ensuring seamless updates for residents, clients, and their loved ones

  • Real-time data insights to drive informed decisions and service improvements

  • Improved delivery of personalised care through access to operational and clinical data when and where it’s needed

  • Configurable reporting functions and customisable forms without the need for vendor support

  • Scalability of a robust and reliable system consistently across locations and devices without compromising performance

  • Seamless integration with leading software, pain, medication, and wound management vendors to deliver a complete end-to-end care management platform

  • Industry-leading software solutions with unparalleled customisation to drive efficiencies and simplify workflows.

To explore how your business can unlock the power of technology and transform the future for your teams and your clients, look no further than AlayaCare. Contact our local team at 1300-ALAYACARE (1300 252 922) or visit to discover how we're reshaping the aged and disability sectors with our revolutionary AI-driven technology.

At Canon Business Services ANZ, we help organisations lay the foundation for growth—solving the IT and operational capability or capacity challenges that slow organisations down and freeing them to focus on what matters most to them.

We help remove friction and complexity from your core operations by tailoring proven solutions to fit your organisations needs and values. Our unique full-service capability in digital transformation and our tailored client delivery framework, gives you direct access to specialists across IT, operations, support, and service delivery. This empowers our teams to understand your organisation better, ensuring your challenges are resolved fast, and you always know who to call.

There’s a reason we’re recognised as leaders in what we do by healthcare providers across Australia. Our unique approach to building a long lasting and supportive relationship is what sets us apart.

We’ve been delivering business process optimisation, cloud solutions, and secure managed IT services for more than two decades, including IT Infrastructure Management, Microsoft Productivity solutions, Multi-Cloud, End User Services, IT Consulting, Business Process Automation and Outsourcing services.

Delivered by experts and trusted by industry leaders, CBS keeps your critical systems and processes running seamlessly with smart, leading-edge solutions that help you optimise, automate and transform your organisation.

Tendable is a specialist provider of digital quality improvement and safety solutions. Currently used across healthcare, disability services and aged care, our products can transform the quality and culture of an organisation.

Tendable is a cost-effective solution and can be up and running within 4 weeks. It will even manage your NDIS internal audit requirements.

Our products were designed with frontline staff and include a mobile app which staff can use to easily and effectively capture data on the quality of services. Tendable puts quality in the hands of the people delivering it. Empowering staff to understand what it means to provide a quality service and how to continuously improve.

Data collected in the app is transformed into trends, mapped to quality indicators and action initiators in on our real-time analytics/reporting and action planning modules. These give leaders instant access to critical quality data in an accessible format, which means that issues or excellence no longer get lost in the daily noise.

It is so critical for human services to confidently say ‘we provide a quality service’ – Tendable will let you prove it

ShiftCare is an easy to use software platform that cuts paperwork and boosts efficiency, giving support providers more time for what matters. Delivering highly personalised client care while growing your business.

Brevity Care Software are an ISO27001 Australian SaaS company focussed on delivering leading software tools for Aged Care, HCP and CHSP organisations that are feature rich and affordable. Software products that automate the inefficient and labour-intensive administrative burden, helping managers and care givers to better provide services for the people they care for.  From inception, Brevity has been developing solutions that make it easier to deliver care and free up resources with features such as care plans, rostering, HR, payroll, timesheets, funding, budgets, compliance, claims, invoicing, reporting, client records, accounting systems integration, and so much more, all accessible via the web or the easy to use mobile app. Brevity makes it easy to keep up with IPA reporting and claiming, produce CDC statements, comply with government reporting, and removes double entry. Brevity is an Australian software company and part of the Evello group of businesses. Since 2005, the company has been providing the Australian healthcare sector with dynamic IT solutions, with a focus on Aged Care and disability service projects.

Novata Solutions stands at the forefront of technological innovation, specialising in a broad spectrum of services including Software Development, Consultancy, Solution Architecture, and Digital Transformation. We manage the entire project lifecycle, encompassing the initial concept, design, development, and deployment of your project requirements. Our expertise lies in converting outdated and manual processes into digital solutions, thereby enhancing efficiency, user experience, and integrating organisations into the modern digital era.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and a leading OutSystems Partner in Western Australia, we leverage low-code platforms and rapid development methodologies to transform ideas into tangible, operational solutions. Our client base spans mid-sized to large enterprises across sectors such as mining, aged care, health, and education, with our applications achieving global recognition. Novata Solutions has been honoured with two global awards, acknowledging our contributions to Innovation and Best Client Expansion, and our role in driving company transformation.

StrongRoom AI stands at the forefront of healthcare innovation, offering cutting-edge medication management platforms, designed to revolutionise drug administration across the healthcare sector.  Addressing the global challenge of adverse drug events, costing over $1 trillion annually and contributing to 20% of hospital admissions worldwide, our products stand as a decisive response.
By harnessing the power of two generations of software and cutting-edge machine learning, StrongRoom AI is committed to empowering clinicians and care providers across pharmacy, aged care, and hospitals. Our mission is clear: To empower care providers and clinicians With high-strength sophisticated tools to streamline workflows and enhance administration outcomes. We exist to ensure patients receive the highest level of care, based on who they are and their specific needs while safeguarding their data. 

Devoted to technological excellence and addressing critical healthcare challenges, StrongRoom AI is a key player in advancing patient care, reducing costs, and enhancing overall healthcare outcomes. Our vision encompasses a future where adverse drug events are eradicated, and patients receive precise medications at the right time, devoid of errors and negative drug interactions. Fueled by advanced analytics and AI, we strive for a healthcare landscape characterised by highly precise, fast, and effective patient care.

Medi-Map is a cloud-based platform focused on medicine management. Designed by clinicians, the Medi-Map platform supports staff to work in line with best practice, legislation, industry standards, and policy to improve accuracy, and provide transparency from charting to administration all whilst reducing risk for your organisation.

Medi-Map consolidates all aspects of medicine management, including Syringe Driver as an approved and compliant eNRMC. A comprehensive suite of reporting is available at a facility and corporate level to monitor adherence and compliance.  Medi-Maps 100% paperless solution includes access to our easy to use MMGo App for business continuity in the event of internet outage.

Unique platform features include: Syringe Driver module,  Data feeds to run analytics and BI Tools, Offline capabilities, Pharmacy agnostic and Integration with 13SICK for after-hours care.

Medi-Map: One solution for all your medication management needs.

"Intelligent Pathways specialises in digital business enablement.

We help organisations build the technology capabilities required to succeed in the modern economy, including data & analytics, integration, automation and applications.

Founded in 2003, Intelligent Pathways has built an enviable reputation for solving complex technical problems and delivering impactful solutions across a diverse range of industries including aviation, construction, education, financial services, manufacturing, not-for-profit, health, and government.

With over 40 professionals working across Australia, our team brings decades of experience in strategy and innovation, architecture and design, implementation and delivery. We are passionate about providing independent technology direction that allows businesses to grow, modernise and transform in a sustainable and agile way.

Intelligent Pathways focuses on building long-term relationships with clients and suppliers to continuously identify new ways of overcoming challenges and find better ways of working. We provide collaborative service offerings that complement and uplift client capabilities, and deliver ‘fit for purpose’ technology choices."

Kinatico (ASX: KYP) is a leading provider of know your people solutions. Through its suite of Reg-tech SaaS solutions, Kinatico simplifies the daily process of managing compliance for organisations. By combining credential management and compliance data with policy, regulatory and legislative requirements, Kinatico solutions enable organisations to mobilise their workers and power insights for better, safer workplaces.

While organisations focus on opportunities, Kinatico connects you to insights that lift your capability and mitigate your risk.

Since 2004, Kinatico has leveraged their industry experience and market share to develop technologies that protect businesses and the people that support them. Kinatico has been the preferred provider of screening and compliance solutions for tens of thousands of businesses and government organisations. Our local team helps thousands of employers across Australia and New Zealand to make the most of their people, and their people to make the most of their day.

Nightingale is your enterprise Client & Resource Management System, focusing on customers that deliver their services to the NDIS, Aged Care (Home Care) and Allied/Mental Health sectors. We have been serving our customers since 2016, Australian owned and operated with our Headquarters in Perth, WA – in fact, our genesis was building our software inside a disability services organisation within the NDIS trial – born in the sector and growing within it you could say!

Our leading capability for online forms & workflows, critical award interpretation & compliance assessment “real-time” in the rosters through to our Support Worker and Family Apps is there to support delivery through efficient and effective software. Nightingale manages your funding/budgets and the associated claims processes (NDIA, DEX etc) across these sectors. With supported integrations across Finance, Payroll, HR, QMS and an array of contemporary APIs through to providing in-app analytics and external BI/Datawarehouse solutions on PowerBI – we know what is required to support the operational needs of business in these sectors.

As a leading ERP in this space, Nightingale utilises the Microsoft Technology stack and sits in the Azure Public Cloud – we’re secure, reliable, functional, flexible and local. We’d be happy to talk with you on your needs click here.

Established in 2008, Health Metrics is a proudly Australian owned and operated software company. Our eCase software platform is a single unified system designed to help aged care providers operate efficient and sustainable businesses whilst at the same time supporting them to deliver the highest quality care and resident experience. Fully scalable, eCase is designed to grow with your business and easily adapt to changing models of care. We partner with 170+ aged care providers ranging from smaller regional organisations through to large, multi-site organisations.

Bluescale is Australia’s only IT managed services provider focussed on the NFP sector.

Bluescale has more than a decade of experience delivering affordable and secure IT support to the NDIS and NFP sectors.

Bluescale can assist your organisation with:

  • Aligning IT strategy with your organisation’s mission and impact goals

  • Operating securely and protecting your sensitive user data and privacy requirements

  • Taking advantage of Azure & Office 365 Cloud services

  • Delivering local Australian-based IT service desk and onsite support services

  • Managing the cost pressures that all NFPs experience

Sandwai is Australia's Leading Provider of Home Care and Disability Care Software Solutions, an award-winning, purpose-built scheduling, client management and mobile solution.

Offering an intelligent and intuitive approach to care management, Sandwai focuses on task automation, smart workflows and schedule optimisation.

Our unique approach to development and co-design allows our team to enhance and develop Sandwai, to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry whilst staying at the forefront of innovation. With the aim to offer the most innovative and well-supported software in the Australian home, community and disability care industry.

CareLynx is a leading provider of comprehensive support and advisory services for residential and home care providers. Our team of highly experienced nurse consultants specializes in assisting providers in various areas, including Accreditation Readiness, Nurse Advisory, and Consultation services.

The CareLynx software platform revolutionizes care delivery in aged care facilities and for home care providers. It is a cloud-based and mobile Care Platform that ensures consistent delivery of the highest levels of care by clinical staff. The platform simplifies data recording and utilizes the data to guide best practice clinical pathways for staff. By creating a standardized level of care, we guarantee consistently high levels of care, improved outcomes, and reduced cost of care.

CareLynx’s Full Service Clinical Monitoring service is enabled through the platform, where remote RNs audit and review care services in real-time. The automated reports and access to real-time information provide peace of mind to providers, allowing staff to focus on providing quality care to residents while meeting the requirements of Aged Care Standards.

By choosing CareLynx, providers can optimize operations, enhance care delivery, and achieve significant financial returns. Trust our expertise to navigate through regulatory challenges, improve care outcomes, and ensure the highest quality of care.

The Cloud Burst group realised an opportunity to answer a need in the market to leverage technology to support the growing healthcare challenges. The DreamsEdge falls and vitals monitoring technology is contactless, so users do not need to wear any equipment. Supporting people in traditional settings such has aged care facilities cannot continue the old way and the home care needs are accelerating this decade like never before.

Technology is the only answer, so the Dreamsedge platform was developed to extend coverage and enhance care. The platform has been built on some principles that make it market ready today. It is also and scalable and flexible enough to integrate new technology as it becomes available in the future. The DreamsEdge platform is secure but also flexible enough to integrate into existing complimentary platforms.

Drawing on decades long relationships with colleagues, vendors and clients, Cloud Burst was shaped with a depth and breadth of experience with employees having worked across both global and local industry, healthcare, education, utilities, government.  The DreamsEdge platform was developed using experience with cloud, networking, cybersecurity, data analytics, AI, infrastructure, IoT and Helpdesk.

This has provided us with a unique perspective and ability to quickly and effectively identify client needs, gaps and pull together agile solutions.

By using the latest cutting edge technology in Virtual Reality, NeuronsVR therapy is tailored for Aged Care and Dementia. Our core areas of focus include:

Lifestyle & Resident Wellbeing – Facilitating Meaningful Engagement

Offering immersive experiences such as armchair travel, animal therapy, and group activities to enhance residents' quality of life.

Clinical Integration – Enhancing Resident Care Plans:

Integration with resident care plans to address various clinical needs such as pain management (for wound dressing, blood pressure monitoring, etc.), insomnia, anxiety, and relaxation.

Memory Support – Addressing Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD)

1-on-1 sessions for individuals living with Dementia and integration with a Behaviour Support Plan.

Datanova, the visionary creators of FlowLogic, stands as a leader in providing ready-to-use software for Disability Service Providers across Australia and New Zealand. Nestled in the heart of the Sunshine Coast in Maroochydore, the company boasts a dedicated team of over 35 staff.

FlowLogic: A Comprehensive Cloud-Based Solution

FlowLogic, the flagship product from Datanova, is a robust cloud-based solution tailored for Disability Service Providers. Offering comprehensive functionality, it includes core features such as record management, rostering, budget tracking, invoicing, reporting, compliance, risk management, and more. The software’s versatility and depth make it an indispensable tool for organisations operating in the Disability and Aged Care sectors.

Leadership and Visionary Direction

At the helm of this remarkable company is Christian Krauter, the visionary founder of Datanova. His tireless dedication and leadership have played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s success.

Dedicated Data Captains

Integral to Datanova’s success is its team of highly trained Data Captains, under the leadership of Nicholas Vollmann. The Datanova Data Captains play a crucial role in onboarding new clients, serving as trusted advisors to existing clients, and consistently enhancing the overall client experience. The success of Datanova’s customer-centric approach is rooted in the dedication of its Data Captains.

The Lookout Way are the creators of Lookout, the only digital care management platform built by care, for care.

Developed alongside the operation and growth of leading home care provider 'Five Good Friends', Lookout is an end-to-end service delivery solution that makes it easy for home care providers and their teams to provide the utmost client care.

With a client-centred approach, workflows to make compliance needs easier, regular platform updates to meet today’s dynamic industry changes, and an inbuilt automations platform for DIY customizability and to seamlessly integrate with other systems, it is easy to see why Lookout is fast becoming one of Australia's most used and trusted home care management platforms.

See better care with Lookout.

For providers in the home care, efficient rostering and scheduling of care requires balancing employee and client satisfaction with cost-to-deliver. Getting it wrong means:

  • Servicing fewer clients

  • More kilometres and time on the road

  • Losing valued employees and clients

Biarri helps you get it right.
We support home care providers with advanced workforce planning software. Our software empowers providers with advanced algorithms that assess competing priorities to optimise staff-rosters and scheduling of visits, travel & breaks.
By implementing Biarri software, customers like Australian Unity have experienced a 15% reduction in the cost to service a home visit, while improving client and employee certainty by increasing the number of services delivered-as-planned from 60% to 90%.
Talk to us to learn more about how we can help you improve your home care service delivery.

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